Writing and Reading Tips

Writing and Reading Tips

Helpful Tip #1: Have your child tell you a story with a beginning, middle, and end. Encourage them to use words like first, then, and finally. Orally telling a story will them with their writing.

Helpful Tip #2:  Read to your child EVERY DAY/NIGHT!

Helpful Tip #3:  Have them practice reading and writing their sight words.

Helpful Tip #4:  Encourage your child to draw a picture to tell a story.  Have them include as many details in their picture as they can.

Helpful Tip #5:  Tell your child a word.  Ask them what SOUND they hear at the beginning of the word.

Helpful Tip #6:  Have your child write a story about what they did at school.  Focus on the picture and adding details to it.  Encourage them to add words to help tell the story.

Helpful Tip #7:  Read a book to your child and then ask them to retell you the story.  Then, have them read a book and retell it to you.

Helpful Tip #8:  Have your child write a 3 page story about the topic of their choice.  Every page should start with "I like...."

Helpful Tip #9:  Get a collection of holiday books and the week before the holiday, read them to your child--1 or 2 each day.

Helpful Tip #10:  After reading a story to your child, have them retell it to you.

Helpful Tip #11:  Ask your child to share what their super powers of reading are.

Helpful Tip #12:  Have your story write a story about Winter Break using first, then, and finally.

Helpful Tip #13:  Have your child sound out short CVC words like cat, pin, bed...and write it down.

Helpful Tip #14:  Review their sight words every night.  The goal at the end o kindergarten is 50 sight words.

Helpful Tip #15:  Have your child write a How-To story.  It should be teaching someone how to do something in 3 steps.
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